[img src=]1970High Park Avenue planting
[img src=]1760Teddy Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill Estate Red Oak planted by Re-Tree WNY at Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural site, downtown Buffalo
[img src=]590Re-Tree WNY and the Buffalo Bisons go green on May 15, 2008 at the Ballpark
[img src=]530Buffalo Bisons vs. Pawtucket on a picture perfect Buffalo Day
[img src=]640A couple of Bisons fan walk out with their tree seedlings after the May 15th game at the Ballpark
[img src=]650Re-Tree WNY at the Irish Center for St. Patrick's weekend. Re-Tree is working with volunteers there to replant in the Abbott Road area
[img src=]620Re-Tree WNY and volunteers at Franczyk Park in November, 2011
[img src=]580Re-Tree WNY booth at 2008 Plantasia at the International Agri-Center in Hamburg
[img src=]570Trees planted along William near Ogden Street by Re-Tree WNY and AmeriCorps in April, 2008
[img src=]600Paul Maurer substitutes for Congressman Brian Higgins at Clover Bank (Hamburg) School on Arbor Day
[img src=]620National Arbor Day gives Re-Tree WNY and the City of Buffalo the 2008 Project Award in Nebraska
[img src=]550Shane Daley of Buffalo Olmsted trains crew leaders at Delaware Park training on April 18, 2009
[img src=]550Buffalo block club leaders learn bare-root tree planting in Delaware Park
[img src=]610Trainees listen closely as Art Traver describes the bare-root tree planting process
[img src=]650Trees at the Junior League Decorator's Showcase in April/May 2009 were planted by Re-Tree WNY crew (l to r) Shane Daley, Paul Maurer, Art Traver, and Tim Finnell
[img src=]540West Herr Toyota exhibited their great gas mileage hybrid vehicles at the 3rd Buffalo Enviro-Fair
[img src=]520EC Legislator Michele Iannello (w/ shovel) joins Grand Island Supervisor Pete McMahon and Girl Scout Suzanne Eisenberger for Suzanne's project planting trees at nine state parks including this one at Beaver Island on April 25, 2009
[img src=]460Lake Shore Savings Bank opened their new Snyder Branch location on April 11, 2013 and their executives presented a check for $5,000 to Re-Tree WNY
[img src=]460Dave from Dore Lanscaping instructs Re-Tree WNY how to dip bare root trees in hydrogel prior to bagging at Buffalo Central Terminal Site, April, 2013
[img src=]450Some of the more than 700 trees prior to dipping & bagging process on April 10, 2013 at Buffalo Central Terminal prep and storage site
[img src=]490Justin Booth trains just prior to planting at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus signature planting, Spring, 2013
[img src=]450WGRZ-TV's Kelly Dudzik interviews Amherst HS Lacrosse player following 68 trees planted on April 13, 2013 in BNMC area
[img src=]430Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority volunteers spruce up Buffalo's Old First Ward on April 20, 2013 - 160 new trees adorn the streets in that area!
[img src=]440Some of the new trees planted by volunteers on April 20, 2013 on O'Connell Street in Buffalo's Old First Ward
[img src=]4007th Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair has record crowds for the April 26, 2013 in Niagara Square
[img src=]410Sponsor of the Buffalo Enviro-Fair, NY Senator Mark Grisanti, interacts with one of over 20 exhibitors at the Fair
[img src=]420"Senator Mark" pitches right in to plant a tree with Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak and Deputy Commissioner Andy Rabb near City Hall
[img src=]400Amherst Highway workers volunteer to distribute trees for 18 suburbs
[img src=]400Buffalo Jills wear their "Olmsted Green" at the Rally
[img src=]410Olmsted Chairman David Colligan leads the rally cheer
[img src=]430November '08 planting on Massachusetts Ave. in Buffalo
[img src=]390Re-Tree WNY volunteers tackle Old First Ward of Buffalo's Mackinaw Street with 15 trees on a snowy November 30th. The Old Skool Crew was a great help, once again!
[img src=]410Re-Tree WNY joined the national convention of the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) in planting 11 trees in downtown Buffalo on October 1, 2010
[img src=]430The trees were planted to neutralize the estmated 73 pounds of carbon that the convention of 1,000 gives off via their energy usage. The NAEE also donated $2,500 to Re-Tree
[img src=]430Ed Dore (right, holding microphone) trains Re-Tree WNY at Amherst Community Planting - Daemen College on October 26, 2013
[img src=]340East Side's Norm Skulski with Lt. Col. Matt Urban plaque
[img src=]340Volunteers lead by Olmsted's Shane Daley (third from left) admire tree they planted on Bennett Village in Buffalo
[img src=]370Forest Lawn November 2, 2013 - some of the volunteers with shovel at ready on their way to plant hundreds of trees
[img src=]360some of the 150 volunteers - RE-Tree WNY at Forest Lawn - November 9, 2013
[img src=]360Re-Tree shirts and tote bags were sold to benefit our charity at the 5th Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair on April 21, 2011
[img src=]390President Bill Robbins of Lockport's RiubberForm Recycled Products shows off his company's environmentally-friendly products at Buffalo Enviro-Fair
[img src=]430Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak and Andy Rabb help Re-Tree plant a tree next to City Hall during the 5th Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair
[img src=]1130University of Buffalo student volunteers pose before a tree they planted on Arundel Street in Buffalo with Re-Tree on Saturday, April 23, 2011
[img src=]960The plaque to be placed at the base of the tree at the Central Wharf (photo courtesy of Joe Cascio) honors Tim Russert on what would be his 59th birthday on May 7, 2009
[img src=]820Re-Tree WNY & Gerdau Ameristeel Volunteers planting in November, 2011
[img src=]670Heart of the City block club gets ready to hit the neighborhood with their trees
[img src=]640Even some "little" Re-Tree-ers get to be part of the action
[img src=]700Trees at Schiller Park in November, 2011
[img src=]870Trees were unloaded and sorted at Amherst Highway Department for the WNY suburbs
[img src=]770Congressman Brian Higgins pitches in with some UB Students at Squaw Island planting
[img src=]780Town of Tonawanda ceremonial planting with donors from Verizon
[img src=]890Some hearty Squaw Island planters brave the November, 2007 cold
[img src=]740Re-Tree WNY planted 500 trees on Squaw Island along the Niagara River in November, 2007
[img src=]690Licensed Arborist Sam Berg (in red cap) from Haskell's Tree Service helps unload trees with Gerdau Ameristeel employee volunteers on May 1, 2010
[img src=]680Father Thaddeus "Ted" Bocianowski blessing trees at St. Adalbert Basilica area planting in Buffalo on May 1, 2010
[img src=]770Comic Rob Lederman works the room at Leaves & Laughs on August 21, 2009
[img src=]620Re-Tree WNY at Elmwood Village Arts Festival in August, 2007
[img src=]590WNY Youth Bureau AmeriCorps distributes tree seedlings at Buffalo Enviro-Fair
[img src=]520Third Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair in front of City Hall on April 24, 2009 (Arbor Day)
[img src=]480Re-Tree Board member Art Traver captains the planting of 100 trees around the site of ABC-TV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition which descended on Massachusetts Ave. on Buffalo's west side in November, 2009.
[img src=]440Re-Tree WNY booth at America's Fair, August, 2007
[img src=]430Al Gore at UB on Arbor Day (4/27/07) with Re-Tree WNY trees donated by RPM Eco Systems
[img src=]500Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown at City Honors School Presidential Tree planting June 18, 2007
[img src=]430Co-Chairman Paul Maurer addresses City Honors school before planting FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt trees
[img src=]450Mayor Byron Brown gets Re-Tree WNY volunteer shirt from Co-Chairman Paul Maurer
[img src=]370Senator Clinton admires her honorary Re-Tree-er shirt
[img src=]410Co-Chairman David Colligan helps Senator Clinton plant
[img src=]400Planting Eleanor Roosevelt Tree
[img src=]460Answering reporters questions on her "Green Jobs" sponsored bill
[img src=]450Senator Clinton signs a special Re-Tree WNY shovel
[img src=]350Dean Jewett of forest Lawn with Fisher-Price trainees 10-2012
[img src=]360Re-Tree WNY's Justin Booth stakes another tree in Buffalo during Fall, 2009 planting.
[img src=]350First Ward Buffalo Nov 10, 2012 -Loading trucks in Buffalo - Art Traver and Paul Maurer
[img src=]360Load of trees bound for Buffalo leave Select Tree Farm - November, 2012
[img src=]410Matt & Art train at Forest Lawn
[img src=]330Congressman Brian Higgins helps Re-Tree crew plant on West Utica street on Buffalo's West Side, November, 2008
[img src=]310Re-Tree WNY tree planting training in Old First Ward area of Buffalo - November 10, 2012
[img src=]310Artist Todd Overturf unveiled his special shirt at the Festival, made all organically that he is now selling to benefit Re-Tree WNY
[img src=]300Park School Training April 18, 2009 being led by Art Traver and sponsored by National Grid
[img src=]280Trees planted along Memorial Drive in shadow of Buffalo's historic Central Terminal
[img src=]350Trees along roadway in Clarence's Memorial Park
[img src=]320Boy Scout Chris Andzel poses proudly with Paul Maurer at Memorial Park Clarence planting site
[img src=]290The Park School, site of week #1 fall tree planting training
[img src=]300Re-Tree WNY's Tim Finnell preps the 40 trainees at the Park School
[img src=]250Olmsted Conservancy trainer Jeff Brett gives tree planting overview at Delaware Park training site
[img src=]330Re-Tree WNY crew leaders get their training
[img src=]330A succesful week #1 of training for the 60 people at our Delaware Park site
[img src=]270Matt Quirey of Forest Lawn trains Fisher-Price volunteers 10-2012
[img src=]300Re-Tree WNY crew with "Re-Tree green" shovels prepare the first tree planting on Arbor Day
[img src=]270The American Elm prepared to take root at LaSalle Park in Buffalo
[img src=]310Straightening up the Elm
[img src=]230The Sabres' Larry Quinn and Paul Gaustad present a check to Re-Tree WNY co-chairmen David Colligan and Paul Maurer
[img src=]250Paul Gaustad signs a special "Sabres Shovel"
[img src=]280Paul Gaustad watches David prep a tree
[img src=]300Home Depot manager John Redman gives out free CFL lightbulbs at UB Enviro Fair
[img src=]280Fruit Belt, downtown Buffalo planting
[img src=]290Dartmouth Ave. planting
[img src=]330LeBrun, Amherst planting
[img src=]330Planting in front of Davidson Ave. at Bailey, St. Augustine School
[img src=]330The Re-Tree WNY & UB Green sponsored Enviro Fair at UB
[img src=]340Sabres' Larry Quinn & Mike Gilbert at the Fruit Belt planting
[img src=]270Paul Gaustad and fans
[img src=]320Tim Russert tree being planted by (l to r) Laura Monte, Mayor Brown, Paul Maurer, Kathy Russert-Hughes, David Colligan, and Michele Iannello (Photo courtesy of Joe Cascio)
[img src=]350South Park students donated $600 and spurred an additional $1,000 that was donated by former School 64 teacher Juris Smiltens
[img src=]360South Park High School students including Casey Zangara and teacher Adam Hovey plant cherry tree in their courtyard
[img src=]330Re-Tree WNY joins Buffalo's South Park High School students in November, 2009 to plant trees at Cazenovia Creek area that they raised funds for. Councilman Michael Kearns poses with the group.
[img src=]360State Senator Antoine Thompson plants a tree with WNY AmeriCorps in Niagara Square during Buffalo Enviro-Fair
[img src=]360Senator Thompson announces $50-$75,000 grant to Re-Tree WNY for fall 2009 planting
[img src=]360Art Traver of Re-Tree trains volunteers at Forest Lawn 10-2012
[img src=]350Josh Smith trains west side children from the Booth Family as Re-Tree WNY tree farm takes shape on 14th Street in Buffalo on April 25, 2009 (Photo by Charles Lewis, The Buffalo News)
[img src=]320The Re-Tree booth at The 2008 National Buffalo Wingfest at Dunn Tire Park
[img src=]390Re-Tree WNY at the National Buffalo Wingfest on August 30-31, 2008